10 of the Fastest Drop Tops on the Road

If you are a billionaire and wear a toupee, you might want to think twice before buying any of these cars. Or, at least, buy some better wig glue.

Take any hypercar and chop off the roof, and, whether it’s a spyder or convertible, drop-top or cabrio, the experience will be more visceral, the engine noise more deafening and the fly count in the teeth will go from from 0 to 60 in three seconds.

That, and the fact that most very rich people like to be seen even when they’re simply nipping to the shops in Beverly Hills, means an open cabin is the best way to do it.

With top speeds of over 250mph – that’s faster than an F1 car – get ready for some tornado-in-the-hair motoring with some of the quickest open top cars on the planet.

Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder became the fastest open top car on the planet at a Naval Air Station in Texas this March. The car in question is loosely based on a Lotus Elise and powered by a twin-turbo 7.0L V8 engine producing 1,451hp at 7,200 rpm.

Instead of snapping in half like a Pringle as you might expect, this tiny elongated roadster kept on hauling right up to 265.6mph. Acceleration is equally impressive – the GT Spyder cracks 60mph in less than 2.4 seconds and 200mph arrives in less than 13 seconds.

Hennessey plans to offer a limited run of three “World Record Edition” Venom GT Spyders to commemorate the record run and as a tribute to the company’s 25th Anniversary. The cost is $1.3 million each plus tax.

LaFerrari Open Top

Could this be the most complete convertible yet? The LaFerrari, with its hybrid V12 coupled to a 120 kW electric motor, was already a shoe-in for the greatest car to roll out of Modena, then they go and lop the roof off.

The LaFerrari has a top speed of 218mph and will reach 60mph in less than three seconds. Ferrari calls the LaFerrari drop a machine for those “who refuse to compromise on the joy of al fresco driving even when at the wheel of a supercar.” Even if you have $1m at the ready it’s too late – they’ve already sold out.

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