10 Tools To Get Kids Excited About Programming

Precocious. That was the single adjective used to describe a child displaying some natural talent straying from the normal. A generational leap later, I am not so sure that the word holds the meaning it used to. Every second toddler these days seems to display a natural likeness for things digital. So, it is easy to assume that they will take to computers as a fish takes to water.

For the average kid (I won’t talk about someone like Lim Ding Wen here, though I will use his cute photo as the thumbnail alongside), computers and smartphones are fun tools. Education comes much later. Getting a kid excited about programming might take some doing because logic needs a bit of time to develop. It is imagination and creativity which arrive first. That’s where the crux of these ten tools lie…using creative tools to get children excited about programming.computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

Just to illustrate the potential of creative teaching that should help to light the fire, here’s a TED Talk by Conrad Wolfram. Slightly unrelated, but do watch it to understand why kids (once, you and me too) lose interest in mathematics. It will also explain the dire need to take instructions out of their rigid strictures and throw them into the real world and everyday living. He advocates using programming to teach math. And thus, make it more fun, instead of forcing them to learn a subject.

10 Tools That Should Help With Learning Programming Creatively

From games to programming tools, from logic to intuition, let’s take a gander at ten tools that should help to show that programming is not all about functions and loops. Here are the honorable mentions (restricted to ten programming tools).

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