11 Free and Best Linux Code Editors For Programmers

CuriousBytes: The following listicle is a collection of Best Linux Code Editors or Best Text Editors for Linux that will assist the Developers who switched to Linux in developing the next revolutionary applications. Also, we have added some of the Best Linux IDE’s that are available for developers on Linux.

Learning to code can be tough, but it is fun when you have the right tools in your hand. You are only confined by the walls you build yourself. If you start loving code, you get so incredibly tuned in and sometimes you may forget everything. This pleasant experience is often ruined by some tools that are used for programming. If we talk about machines, then MacBooks are the most preferred choice for developers who spend hours in knitting code. Apart from MacBooks that run Mac OS, There is another platform that is good for building applications, and it is Linux.computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

Over the years Linux has been evolving into a best operating system and is slowly expanding to grab the market share from Windows. Thanks to the countless efforts of Linux community. Today there are plenty of Linux distributions for every need.

Even there are some dedicated Linux Distributions for developers alone. If you don’t want to switch to those dedicated distros and want to stick to your existing Linux distro for your coding needs, then you can make use of the Code Editors that are available for Linux.

These code editors will improve your productivity with some intelligent features. It’s time to bid bye to good old Linux editors like Vi, Vim, Emacs, Nano etc. In this article, we only focus on a modern day Linux Code Editors and IDE’s that are powerful and feature-rich.computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

Without any further discussion let’s explore some of the Best Linux Code Editors.

Here is a complete List of Best Linux text editors that are ranked down the list based on various factors like performance, features and customization options.

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