4 Mistakes You Can Avoid when Programming Excel Macros with VBA

Microsoft Excel is a very capable data analysis tool already, but with the ability to automate repetitive tasks with macros by writing simple code in  (VBA), it’s that much more powerful. However, used incorrectly, VBA can cause a lot of problems.

Even if you’re not a programmer, VBA offers simple functions that allow you to add some really impressive functionality to your spreadsheets, so don’t leave just yet!

Whether you’re a VBA guru, who creates dashboards in Excel, or a newbie, who only knows how to write simple scripts that do basic cell calculations, you can follow easy programming techniques, that will help you improve the odds of writing clean and bug-free code.computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

Getting Started with VBA

If you haven’t programmed in VBA in Excel before, enabling the Developer tools to do so is actually pretty easy. Just go to File > Options and then Customize Ribbon. Just move the Developer command group from the left pane over to the right.computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science


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