6 Photographers Offer Tips and Tricks for Great Photos of Fresh Produce

Dig deep enough, and you’ll find some truly bizarre stories about what food stylists and photographers have done to get beautiful pictures of fruits and vegetables. They’ve applied lipstickto fresh berries to make them look redder and spritzed on some deodorant to make them shine. One stylist has even copped to sewing extra pieces of fruit onto trees to make them look more bountiful.

In honor of the spring season, we asked six expert food photographers to tell us their secrets for capturing fresh produce. Turns out, the trick isn’t covering up mistakes; it’s making sure they don’t happen in the first place. Follow their tips, and chances are you’ll never have to use lipstick, deodorant, or a sewing needle on a shoot.

“To make a good food photos, it is crucial that the product itself fascinate and inspire”

Natasha Breen

Any food photographer spends a significant part of his life picking up quality products. I cannot buy just general onions; I will be always checking if the onion fits well with my plan. Sometimes, I can buy a product, and I want to shoot it straight away. You should not postpone the shooting of fresh groceries; the greens and vegetables quickly rot and lose their natural beauty.

Pink Tiger lemons were released just recently at the market, and I immediately purchased them and made some photos. It took me a while to figure out the way how to cook them, since I am not the kind of person who will throw the food away after shooting. I made jam.

Exotic fruits and vegetables are truly inspiring; however, I can make a good set with just two onions. To make a good food photos, it is crucial that the product itself fascinate and inspire the photographer. The product need not be ideal or perfect, but it should definitely appeal to you.

You can sprinkle some water on the vegetables, and it will create beautiful watery surface that will nicely reflect the light. If you cut some of the products, it will make the photo more complex.

If you need to keep greens fresh, you can put them into mason jar and put it in the fridge. A good choice of backgrounds, textures, and stage accessories highly affect the quality of food photography.

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