6 Tips to Impress Your Custom Photography Client

When taking on new photography clients, there are opportunities to create lengthy and mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. Creating long-lasting photography client relationships is key to growing your photography business. But how do you turn a new potential photography client into a long-term partner? With at Shutterstock Custom we work with photographers and videographers to develop fantastic partnerships with artists who create custom content for clients. A good client relationship starts with being impressing the client from the get-go and continuing that same level of professionalism all the way through.

Having a great client relationship doesn’t just mean providing great photographs. It means providing content on time, maintaining great communication, and understanding your client’s brand’s needs. Here are 8 tips tips to impress potential photography clients and master the perfect photography client relationship.

Be Professional

From the very start of your relationship to the end, strive to maintain a professional relationship with your photography client. In the photography world, this relates to a wide sector of professional behaviors often relating to customer service. In email or phone communication, always be clear and honest with clients when discussing any photography opportunities. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver, than the opposite.

Other considerations to keep in mind in regards professionalism:

  • Ensure your website and online portfolio is accurate and up-to-date with your latest professional work. For more tips on optimizing your website click here.
  • Take care of your professional appearance when you are on a shoot, as you are representing the client.
  • All email and written communication should be professional. No slang allowed!

Foster Meaningful Connections and Conversation

While professional behavior is key, you also don’t want to turn into a formal robot. There’s a fine balance between professionalism and appearing too structured and distant. That causes the client to not feel connected to you as a person. Photography is a very personal art form, and the photographer has just as much to do with the photograph as the produced print. Relate to your clients, and break down barriers by encouraging conversation outside of the project. Try to find a mutual platform that’s not work-related to discuss.
6 Tips to Impress Your Custom Photography Client — Meaningful Communication

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